Festival Board Members

When you see our Board Members below at the Wine & Food Festival please give all of them a special thank you for all of their hard work and dedication in producing A Blue Wave Affair!

Russell Spadaccini Russell Spadaccini
Project Manager / Logistics - Founder
Robert Stanfield Robert Stanfield
Chair / Event Designer
Shari Gherman Shari Gherman
Wine Consultant | Sommelier
Rina Stuart Rina Stuart
Wine and Beer Coordinator
Katie Kalls Katie Kalls
Restaurant Coordinator
Yarianna Molano Yarianna Molano
Restaurant Coordinator
Coco Frey Coco Frey
Kitchen Alley Coordinator
Melissa Michel Melissa Michel
Logistics Manager
Karen-Roumay.jpg Karen Roumay
Logistics Assistant
Chris Kennedy Chris Kennedy
Director of Video Production & Photography
Marleen Forkas Marleen Forkas
Community Relations
Cynthia Hatfield Cynthia Hatfield
Business Development